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Meeting Minutes

Date of PPG meeting was 6th April 2022
Hosted by Timothy Pearce, Practice Manager 
2 patients in attendance 

Tim (TP), the practice manager, started with thanking all for joining the meeting. TP gave a brief introduction re the purpose of the meeting to reintegrate it after the last 18 months situation.

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 Objective of this meeting

  • How to work together going forward 
  • Open discussion to hear PPG opinions
  • Highlight / discussed new service via the website
  • Patient survey results 

This is the first meeting at the surgery.

Patient points raised

  • Need of more GPs

Our responses

  • Training and upskill of the admin team

  • To recruit salaried clinical staff to improve care

  • Implementation of the patient flow program to increase appointments availability.

  • Review how blood results are communicated

  • Use of website to reduce practice workload

  • Establish communication methods to help signpost patients to local services

  • Increase number of patients in the PPG

  • To consider merging with PPG at Chadwick Rd

  • To explore online Mental health Services 

Closing Note

Thanks for everyone’s contribution. The next meeting is booked for Wednesday 8th June at 17:30pm.