How to order a repeat prescription




Ways to Order your Prescription

  • Order Repeat Prescriptions Online - Please contact the surgery to register for this service, you will need a valid email address and mobile telephone number. Click here to find out more about our online services.
  • Via this online form
  • Via a Pharmacy of your choice - please enquire at your chosen pharmacy how to proceed with this service if available
  • At the Surgery - there is a post box located at the front gate and at the reception desk that is clearly signposted
  • Via Post - please send your repeat prescription request to the surgery address

Please allow two working days,  for any requests to go to your nominated pharmacy.

We do not accept telephone requests.

image of pharmacist


Local Pharmacies

Pharmacists are trained experts in the use of medicines. For many questions regarding your medication, you will find your pharmacy a valuable source of information.

  • Lloyds Pharmacy 43-45 North Cross Road, London SE22 9ET. Tel (0208 693 3652)
  • Sogim Pharmacy 102 Lordship Ln, London SE22 8HF. Tel (0203 714 6265)


If you wish to collect your prescription from a pharmacy different to your nominated pharmacy, please contact us.  


Electronic Prescription Service

We prescribe using the NHS Electronic Prescribing System. This means that when we issue a prescription, instead of having a piece of paper that must be taken from the surgery to the pharmacy, the information is sent electronically. This removes the delays that can sometimes happen when at busy times and makes it much easier for patients who use other pharmacies. 


Medication Reviews

If you are on repeat prescriptions, you will periodically be asked to review these medications with a doctor, practice pharmacist or practice nurse. A medication review notification should appear on your repeat slip, or we will let the pharmacist know. This is to keep you safe and make sure this remains the right medication for you.